Why successful companies choose to outsource

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Why successful companies choose to outsource

Support teams are one of the most established points of contact a business or organization has with its clients. And while it may seem counterproductive to contract this aspect of your organizational framework to a third party, there’s no arguing the fact that it comes with a myriad of benefits.

In-house support teams, amongst other things are expensive to run, sometimes difficult to manage and are overall known to diminish productivity – why delegate support duties to in-house staff when they could be focused on ramping up competitive advantage.

When you outsource your technical support service, you provide an avenue for your employees to undertake services that are more essential and in so doing boost productivity. A productivity boost is however just one aspect of outsourcing’s value proposition. If you do commit to it here is a brief overview of what you and in extension, your company stand to gain.


As it is with setting up any other department, running an in-house support team means you have to interview candidates, hire selected personnel and then provide resources (workstations, phones, etc.) for operations to commence. With outsourcing, however, you bypass these rather lengthy procedures and concurrently absolve yourself form their financial and logistical implications. Granted, outsourcing will cost you, but compared to the cost of running an in-house team that sum is best described as ‘paltry.’

Easier to manage with a single point of contact (at the contracted IT company)
Need your support team to sound friendlier to customers or perhaps you want a more hands-on approach to meeting client support needs. Easy, just relate your concerns to the outsourcing company. No need to schedule an in-house support staff meeting, briefing or training. And if the agency fails to meet your expectations altogether, you can as well fire them and recruit a new firm without any reprimand whatsoever. Outsourcing allows you to efficiently manage your support team with the aim of achieving goals, the effective and efficient way.

More time to focus on what’s more important

Because you’re not spending your time giving support pep talks, procuring new tools or micromanaging your support staff, you’ve got enough time to attend to more pressing organizational issues. Your employees also benefit from the outsourcing approach. Instead of spending the day attending to support tickets they get to focus on core duties and like we already reiterated this contributes to improving the overall productivity of your organization.

Professionalism redefined

Most firms offering technical support services are set up to do just that – be professional support teams. By virtue of this, they are better poised in terms of technical capabilities and knowledge to handle and resolve your support issues. They recruit professional support staff who are well grounded in the rudiments of support team ethics, industry best practices and conflict resolution (yup, your support staff better be ready to resolve conflicts). The result of this cocktail of support excellence is well evident on paper. According to Forbes, 85% of successful companies make outsourcing central to their overall organizational strategy.
This is the same approach you should be taking if you’re serious about shooting your business to the top of the competitive ladder.

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