Field Technician Workforce

Skyfyi's STRATUS Field Technician Workforce is a single point of contact for any and all onsite IT service needs. We have worked on behalf of internal IT Departments, warranty management organizations, Government IT Departments, and other IT service organizations.
Multi-Vendor Support Staff Augmentation Single POC

Multi-Vendor Support

We have qualified technicians who are trained in most office devices and worked with all of the top hardware vendors. Here are some of the vendors we have worked with:

  • NCR
  • HP (PC & Print Devices)
  • Dell¬†(PC & Print Devices)
  • Canon
  • Apple
  • Toshiba
  • Samsung
  • & many more!

Staff Augmentation

With a workforce at your fingertips, Skyfyi STRATUS can scale quickly to meet the needs of a project, while allowing the flexibility to downsize your workforce as needed. We are happy to manage the training and recruitment of your very own on-demand workforce without the traditional headache that comes with staffing.

Single POC

Throughout the lifestyle of your Work Order or project, you will be provided with a single Point Of Contact, responsible for seeing the completion of the task start-to-finish.