Wiring & Installation Services


A reliable installation team…

We offer installation, modification, or repair of voice, video, and data cabling. From analog voice lines to gigabit data up-links, we will find the optimal means of connecting the dots from where you are now to where you need to be.

Examples of some of the work we have done:

  • Cable running
  • RJ11/45 termination
  • Patch panel instillation
  • Telecom block installation
  • Toning & labeling
  • Voice & fax line troubleshooting
  • WiFi Access Point installation
  • Multi-tenant telecom distribution
  • RG6/11 termination
  • Node relocation
  • Server room relocation
  • Connection troubleshooting
  • Avaya IP Office configuration & troubleshooting

Case Study: New Office Installation

An organization needed 18 pre-run Cat6e lines to be terminated at both ends in a newly-acquired office space. Skyfyi provided a labeled, clean termination to both the patch panel and RJ45 jack in a timely manner.

Case Study: Security Cameras

A small business owner recently had 8 CCTV cameras professionally mounted in various locations inside and outside the building. Skyfyi ran all 8 dual RG6+Power cables and terminated both ends with a BCN connector. We then configured and tested the DVR system with a connection to the client’s data office network.

Case Study: PBX Relocation

An IT Team recently renovated a new closet as a server room. As a last step, they wanted to relocate the company’s PBX, which included 23 digital extensions (each required a direct 1-pair line from phone to PBX). Each extension would have to be terminated at a 66 block that connected the old PBX location to the new server room through a single 15-pair trunk. Due to the company’s business requirements, Skyfyi started work on a Friday evening and had the system fully working by Sunday evening.