Cloud Applications


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When you move to the cloud, the sky is the limit…

Cloud-based applications such as Google’s GSuite have leaped into the center of most IT strategies over the past decade and they’re definitely here to stay. Now is an ideal time to consider making the switch.This is mainly due to the cost comparison of an on-premise solution as well as advancement in browser-based technology and increased bandwidth availability. If you are still using on-premise servers, legacy “start-menu” operating systems, and buying expensive office software, you are probably spending marginally more resources than necessary.

With experience in managing both Office365 and GSuite (formally Google Apps) deployments, we proudly choose GSuite as our preferred solution. A full-scale migration and implementation can get messy, but this is nothing to fear with experienced implementation specialists by your side.

We can provide:

  • Full-service GSuite migration & implementation
  • Technical support
  • Thorough cost-savings analysis
  • Customize solutions for unique workflows
  • Training and classroom-style workshops
  • Project management
  • Email security checkup
  • Email anti-spam/virus monitoring
  • Chrome Enterprise support
  • Mobile device management