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Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) are programmed to find the most relative websites that pertain to the topic that a user is looking for. For example, one might search for "Pizza Delivery Near Me". The second you click 'Search', the search engine starts fast at work to look through thousands of websites, then rank them in order of what it thinks is most likely to be what you're looking for.

Using our example, a local Pizza Place would benefit from each time a user is shown his/her restaurant in its search results, rather than a competitor.

 Search Engine Optimization ( or 'SEO') is the practice of making changes to your website in order to maximize the potential for your website to show up in search results before your competitors.

Traditionally, web sites were simply informational pages made for those seeking information about a particular company. In the modern landscape,  it is critical to engage in SEO practices in order to generate new business opportunities.


Take a look at some of the components to a comprehensive SEO Service:

Components of an SEO Service

Targeted Local SEO

Keyword Research

Content Creation

Link Building

PPC Advertising

Social Media

Security Audit

Landing Pages

Mobile Optimization

Speed Optimization

Is my website already "Search Engine Optimized"?

Chances are, there are still one of a few ways you can improve your site's SEO. As a courtesy, you can use our free tool below to run a complete SEO Audit on your site. Once complete, you can even request to have an SEO Expert reach out to explain the results.

SEO Methodology - 'Organic SEO'

"Organic" SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization through improvements made within the code on your website (as opposed to off-site SEO such as Social Media accounts, local listings, or paid advertisements). Organic SEO can also include backlinks, or links to your site from other blogs or web pages.

SEO Methodology - 'Local SEO'

"Local SEO" simply refers to SEO as it relates to a small business with a physical presence (Store, Restaurant, Office, etc.). Local SEO strategies entail managing online reviews, GPS/ local listings, and online promotions to drive foot traffic to your business.

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