So—you're looking for a website...

Chances are... we probably don't have to tell you what a website is... you probably even know that your business needs one to stay competitive... but do you know what type of website you need? What about the functionality—did you know your website can be much more than just an informational site? How do you create a website that brings in new business opportunities?

Your Website Should Be:

1 - Informative

Websites have long been the paramount source of information for online users. From the internet's conception to the early-2000's enthusiasm, websites have been thought of as simply informational resources. If nothing else, a quality website should contain basic information about your business.

2 - Intuitive

So here's where it get's tricky—you can't just display information, you have to make the information easy to find. In today's world, the consumer has access to information at his/her fingertips—if they can't find the information they're looking for on your site, finding it elsewhere won't take much effort.

It is absolutely imperative that your website is designed with user ergonomics in mind. This includes practices such as mobile optimization.

3 - Useful

Here's a concept that most business owners neglect to considor—people need a reason to visit your website!

Having accurate and accessible information on your website is a great starting point to capture the attention of those who are already interested in learning about your business. The next step is to give the general public some value in exchange for their time. For example—your website could contain a blog or news section with useful information related to your products or services—or added functionality for the user's convenience such as online ordering or appointment setting.


This is perhaps single most important thing your website NEEDS to dogenerate revenue! Just like any other form of advertising, it's important that you work to increase your ROI. With low monthly overhead, websites can be amazing tools to generate additional revenue almost effortlessly.

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