Solutions for Healthcare

With increasing pressure to move PHI (Protected Healthcare Information) to an EMR (Electronic Medial Record) system, IT is quickly becoming a delicate piece of every medical institution large or small. From HITECH and HIPAA compliance, Business Continuity, EMR Integration, and technical support—Skyfyi will help make your practice modern and secure.

Healthcare Solution: Security & Compliance

Whether your motivation comes from the perspective of finance, security, patient advocacy, or liability—Security and Compliance is often a major point of concern amount HIPAA-covered entities. The weight of civil and criminal fines in the millions, loss of patient trust, and a PR nightmare is a heavy burden to carry. Skyfyi provides some peace-of-mind to our healthcare customers with industry-leading proactive and reactive measures. We offer everything from lending a second set of eyes with Security & Compliance Auditing packages to full-service Compliance Management. Call us today to speak to one of our Solution Specialists for a custom quote.

Healthcare Solution: Business Continuity

With the responsibility of a patient's well-being, it is important to have proper plans in place in the event of a disaster of any size. Business Continuity solutions from Skyfyi address each risk with a technology solution that will ensure seamless operations.

Healthcare Solution: EMR/ EHR Software

If you're on the market for a new EMR/ EHR solution, you may have realized how overwhelming the selection process can become. There are hundreds of vendors on the market, each with different features and pricing. Skyfyi's Healthcare Solution Consultants can help you find a software that will make everyone happy--from operations to clinicians and even your patients.